Daikoku Futo : car tuning is a worldwide phenomenon that involves customising a car to give it a
unique look. Although it may seem like a fairly marginal practice to some. It is very popular in some parts of the world, particularly in Asia. Indeed, since the 80s and 90s, Japan has been the source of many crazes and fashions around vehicle

Daikoku Futo Motorbike

Whether it is a car, a motorbike or a truck, everything is involved. Sober and discreet or flashy and noisy, the Japanese do not skimp on certain modifications. In Japan, there are several styles of car tuning. The stance working, which consists in lowering the car and adding large rims. The Japan Look, which uses Japanese style elements such as fins or manga stickers. And finally, the Drift style, which consists of preparing cars for controlled skid races. Daikoku Futo in Tokyo is one of the most famous places in Japan to find all these types of cars. The cars at these events are both extravagant and powerful, attracting fans from all over the world.

Daikoku Futo gathering is a unique venue

The Daikoku Futo gathering is a unique venue. The cars are the focal point of the event, with hundreds of cars gathering in a car park. Groups of cars are often formed according to model, category or tuning style, receiving an incredible visual

Different from that of the West

The Japanese tuning style is very different from that of the West. Cars are often very well maintained and clean, unlike the image of dilapidated cars with dangling parts often associated with tuning. The stance style is very popular, with lowered cars and sloping wheels. Extravagantly decorated convertibles with manga themes are also very common.
Car tuning is often considered a form of artistic expression, and this is certainly the case in Daikoku Futo. Car owners often provided their cars as a constantly evolving work of art, reflecting their personality and lifestyle.

Expected hobby

Although tuning is often considered an expected hobby, car owners are often very proud of their creation and are happy to show it to others. Daikoku Futo is a popular destination for tuning enthusiasts from all over the world, and it’s easy to see why. With hundreds of cars, a unique location and a distinct Japanese tuning style, Daikoku Futo is one of the most passionate events for car tuning enthusiasts.

All in all, Daikoku Futo is a unique venue, well worth a visit for any tuning enthusiast visiting Tokyo. The event is one of the most renowned in the world and is a true immersion in Japanese car culture. Visitors can see incredible cars, meet car enthusiasts from all over the world and enjoy a unique experience in one of
the world’s most dynamic cities.

Daikoku Futo – Japan – motorbike or a truck, everything is involved

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